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Why is Laser Dentistry the Better Choice?

Perfect for seniors, children, and anyone looking for a less-intrusive dental experience.

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Up to 75% Faster Procedures

In a recent case study by Convergent Dental, Solea laser technology reduced the procedure time of a class II restoration to 10 minutes, which would have taken 40 minutes with traditional methods.[1]

50% of Fillings Are Anesthesia Free

Dr. Timothy Anderson's case study shows that Solea laser technology allows 50% of fillings to be performed anesthesia-free.[2]

98% of Patients Prefer Laser Treatment

Research led by Gregory Schuster shows that 98% of patients would rather undergo laser treatment than traditional cavity preparation methods.[3]

Average Discomfort Less Than 2/10

Gregory Schuster's research also indicates that patients experience less than 2/10 discomfort on average with CO2 laser procedures.[3]


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Dr. Alexander Ash DDS.

Dr. Alexander Ash transforms dental care at Laser Dentist with his extensive educational background from multiple prestigious residencies and 20+ years of dentistry experience, focusing on innovative treatments for your lasting oral health.

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How does Solea® work?

Solea® uses computer-controlled laser technology to smoothly, quickly, and safely vaporize the hard (teeth) and soft (gums) tissues in one’s mouth.

Is Solea® accepted by Insurance?

Insurance typically covers the cost of Solea® just like procedures performed with a drill. Please contact our office for more information (818)763-1444

Is Solea® pain-free?

The vast majority of patients report not feeling anything during their dental procedure, while others report a mild sensation of cold.

What dental procedures is Solea® used on?

Solea® is cleared to cut enamel (teeth), soft tissue (gum), and bone. Some procedure examples include cavities, gingivectomies, frenectomies, aphthous ulcers, fibroma removals, crown lengthenings, and more.

Is Solea® good for kids and seniors?

Solea® is a great choice for children and seniors due to it helping make going to the dentist a more pleasant experience. The reduced pain and quicker treatment times are a major factor in the growing preference for laser dentistry.

Does Solea® Treat Snoring?

Solea® Treats snoring by using ultra-low laser energy to stiffen collagen in the soft palate, which helps reduce vibrations when you snore. Many patients say that their airway feels more open immediately after treatment.

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