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Teeth whitening


Instantly brighter smiles with safe whitening.

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Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles: Achieve Your Brightest Smile with Laser Dentistry

Enhance Your Smile with Expert Dental Care in Los Angeles

Teeth whitening is a transformative cosmetic dental procedure that can significantly brighten and enhance your smile. At Laser Dentistry, we specialize in effectively eliminating tooth discoloration and restoring the natural brilliance of your smile.

There are various reasons teeth become discolored, including aging, tobacco use, and frequent consumption of staining substances like coffee and tea. Even without these factors, natural enamel wear over time can diminish teeth's whiteness.

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Our Professional Teeth Whitening Process

While numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions exist, they often fall short in terms of safety and effectiveness. At Laser Dentistry, located in the heart of Los Angeles, we utilize advanced whitening techniques that are both safe and highly effective. Our professional whitening services involve applying a potent yet gentle whitening gel to the teeth, which quickly lifts stains and brightens your enamel.

Our methods are designed to address both intrinsic and extrinsic stains:

  • Extrinsic stains: External factors cause these surface stains but are easier to remove.
  • Intrinsic stains: These deeper stains affect the inner structure of your teeth and are more challenging to lighten. These may include discolorations from medications or genetic factors.

Rapid Results and Sustained Whiteness

Unlike many home kits that require prolonged use to see results, our in-office teeth whitening delivers noticeable improvements quickly. For ongoing maintenance or those who prefer treatments at home, we also provide custom-fitted bleaching trays along with detailed instructions for safe and effective use.

Choose Laser Dentistry for Compassionate and Advanced Whitening Services

Patient satisfaction is our chief concern, and this is reflected in our modern bleaching methods and comprehensive teeth whitening services. Whether you opt for an in-office session or a home treatment plan, Dr. Alexander Ash and our team at Laser Dentistry ensure that you receive the best care, aiming to restore your confidence in your smile.

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